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Bilgi University | Eyüp | Istanbul | Lantern | 2018- 2019


Istanbul Bilgi University

Our final project was inspired by the organic and the irregular form of a tree and we named it after CTHULHU, the fictional monstrous entity resembling to a giant octopus. The common feature of the two CTHULHUs is that they both wrap around the object they want to cling to. Due to its organic structure, CTHULHU shows itself in different forms from different perspectives. Our project is based upon two components. The reason why we opt for the triple modular LED is our effort to regulate the irregularity of the project that is caused by its organic form. Moreover, by organizing the scale factor over the main and intermediate components in four different dimensions, we ensured the continuation and growth/dwindling features of the organic form.


From the beginning of our project, rather than a round shape, we wanted to work on a field that looks edgy with the cues of volume and solidity of form that would highlight our process. As we moved forward, we noticed that the project produced a controllable continuity and growth. Based on this potential, we picked another organic system, the tree which is quite applicable to the main growth principle of our project. From that moment on, we started to apply our project onto the tree that is suitable in its organic and irregular form and also its routability.

The component of the river

The component is used to obtain the way that we called as the river.It has many size to deform and move on the tree.An edge of the smallest one is 5 cm.The five edges that touch other components by flats are equal and the river width is 2.5 cm.The edges of second size is 7.5 cm.The distance that  uses as scale factor between two sizes is 2.5 cm.


It is the component that works as a transition between other components to deform.The covering around the tree is made from rhombus by using the length of the edges.They grow by following each other and the different combinations are occurred by the way.

Sizes: 5/7.5 – 7.5/10 -10/12.5


In an easy and structural way, we made use of PP with our component. The reason for the white PP is to keep the light simple and to emphasize the design and the organic form of the project.

We used mostly soldering iron and rivet to attach our components. In the turning points we used loaf and studs to ensure the durability


Triple Modular LED enables us to play with the direction of the light. Just like in the material, white PP was picked because we wanted to leave the colour and the light in the background to highlight the organic form and the design.

We attached the LEDs to the spikes that we used to merge the components. By attaching the LEDs facing towards the river part, we primarily aimed to highlight that part.

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