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  • Bodrum/ Muğla | 145 m²| Dwelling| 2023- 2024


  • Muğla  Bodrum Mazı

Offering a quiet and peaceful life in the lap of nature in Mazı, one of the untouched villages of Bodrum, Mazı House attracts attention with its original architecture and structure made of natural stones. This house is designed for those looking for a quiet living space away from the noise of the city.

The unique features of Mazı Evi are that it puts the sun at the center of the design and creates spaces that offer different experiences at different hours. Those who wake up with the sunrise can enjoy breakfast in the front open area. In the middle of the day, they can relax with a cool breeze in the central courtyard to escape the heat, and at sunset they can be alone with the greenery on the terrace, indoors or on the north side.

Mazı House consists of two main blocks and a central courtyard. This arrangement offers an ideal structure for summer accommodation for a family of four. The retractable shutters of the central courtyard allow the house to be used as a single whole or transformed into a fragmented structure if desired. This feature provides residents with a private space and offers the flexibility to shape the structure of the house as desired. At the same time, the reeds used in the central courtyard create a different perception of space every day with the play of light.

Facade openings are planned according to the direction of the sun. While narrow and long openings emphasize the relationship with the landscape and greenery, wide openings are also used when necessary to provide light and view to the interior spaces. This design both enriches the life inside and ensures a constant interaction and connection with the nature outside. Mazı House stands out as a building where original and natural materials are used, combining the comfort of modern life with the peace of nature.

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