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  • Urla/ İzmir| Dwelling| 2019- 2020

Kadıovacık is a village located between Ildır and Barbaros villages in Urla district of İzmir. There is a gazebo in the center of the village where people always gather and do some events. Therefore, I mostly focused on that part of the field. The cinema area is locate at the entrance of the area so that the village people can easily participate. The wall of the common kitchen was used as a cinema screen. Thus, the space became functional.There is also a two story semi-open library where people can share books.People coming from the olive route passing through the common kitchen can also visit the olive oil factory located at the end of the field and sip olive teas against the landscape at the front. Temporary and permanent houses, especially located next to each other, can spend time in the areas allocated to them whenever they want. Permanent houses have courtyards that can be opened and closed to provide privacy at any time

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